Saturday, February 20, 2010

Japan Tour

Japan was incredible - these are only 1/3 of the photos I actually took but I had to cut it down, things were getting ridiculous.

Mt. Fuji - Welcome to Tokyo

Akasaka - our new home

Literally an hour after we get checked in we take off to Shibuya to go drink beer with Kato Man

Shrine in Akasaka


If we bothered to ask someone to take our photo together this could've been a pretty awesome promo shot

Torii that leds to the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku

Takoyaki - yum fried octopus balls!

shopping in Harajuku

Barry McGee house across from the Watari-Um Museum of Contemporary Art

JENGA @ Beat Cafe!

Bobby looking through Yosuke's art zine - possibly the single greatest thing we brought back from Japan.

carrying all your gear on the subway during rush hour is a terrible idea

Friday night at Astro Hall in Harajuku - DMBQ

Black Lips!!!

This is what it looks like when like 1000 people cross the street at the same time in every direction

excellent shoe display in Shibuya

standing sushi

Black Lips after party!

Jered and Bobby
Girl whose name I forgot and Joe

I forgot this guys name but he played after us and did a rad Smith's cover

German dance party in Japan with dudes from the South - love it.

best bartender in Shibuya ;)

ready for some rain

the unbelievably beautiful drive to Matsumoto

reason Japan is superior to everyone else #32 Adorable Snacks

Matsumoto Castle

Window of a cloudy day Cafe where we played in Matsumoto

Bobby and Chifumi - thank you sooooooo much for putting on this show for us!!

Love of Everything Cats - hot seller

surprise choreographed dance moves are my favourite thing

Asuna - The Kid Ikarus of Japan, sampling Narrator covering Bob Dylan's All The Tired Horses.
Wrap your mind around that!!

After show feast thanks to Chifumi and her family

Michio: the best person ever, Silver Hats and Asuna

Reason why Japan is superior to everyone else #8
Karaoke is auto-tuned. I sounded fucking amazing

Traditional Japanese breakfast - Bobby's favourite

Huck Finn Factory in Nagoya

I'm Tokyo You're Osaka

JONNOSUN ! Kaori on Keyboard!

The best thing I've probably ever seen in my life: I'm Tokyo You're Osaka set.
What you can't tell from this photo is that the keyboard isn't plugged in and Michio is lip-syncing

out of focus tiny drums

after show Chinese food

it's not tour without bike rides

Bobby, Kato Man and Eri @ O-Nest in Shibuya

they sounded so beautiful

Esther and I
I love getting to hang out with Chicago people in foreign lands

After the show Sushi and Sake with other Masa

Hilarious diagram of how a carnivorous plant works @ the conservatory on Yumi no Shima aka Garbage Island

Memorial Cranes


Fantastic in-store on Tuesday night

SNAIL! Cooked in it's own shell on fire at your rad!

Sumire: Violet and Claire in Shibuya - cutest shop in all of Tokyo

What I imagine to be one of maybe two Vegan restaurants in Japan - Nagi.
Ate such a delicious dinner while Kato man retold the story of Nofx being in Japan like 15 years ago and Eric getting WASTED and the dudes holding down Kato man as Eric puked into his mouth. Yeah.

Shinjuku @ night

the raddest tiny alley of Izakayas

This bar was called "White Bear" - wonder why?

Kato Man and Masa: Popsicle party @ Beat Cafe


good bye Tokyo