Friday, May 29, 2009

Paris, France

Things are getting pretty sad on tour, Chris is gone, Dima just left in the morning and now it's Conrad's last show with us :(
We've become such a little family that it majorly sucks to lose everyone - what doesn't suck is going to PARIS!

this was our first view of Paris after being stuck on the highway for an hour in some terrible traffic..pretty anticlimactic

due to being 2 hours late we didn't get to go eat at this nice outside patio place, instead we grabbed some falafels real quick. Also we were like 2 blocks from Bastille and I had no time to go see it :(

Uh oh - Barcelona vs Man U Championship league final, even in Paris people are stoked

I want to eat all of you

by the time we were done dinner and back at the club the first band had already begun - I think they were called I Arkle....maybe? Regardless, they were really fucking good and the place was packed

we played second because of a weird drum curfew at 10pm, this photo was taking while we were still playing though - so much Conrad love tonight

Folgo, Bobby and Jun - Folgo did the BEST job ever promoting the show

I now know a lot of the words to Kid Ikarus songs and had no reservations about singing along very loud and off key, also the dudes next to me toured with him in the past and were also singing and clapping along. Sooo much fun


I had the lyrics written in my notebook, which I left in Dortmund so I cant' really remember how to spell them but here's my part
"In der zunkunft gibts robota - In Der fergangenheit Dinosaurs"

German puppet rap has a very special place in my heart now

Bobby's turn at a song

This is Ava (maybe spelled different) who had done a few songs with Conrad in the past and now lives in Paris and came to sing her song - I believe it was called Who Cares and it was such a good song, everyone was singing along by the end

last song - being geographically correct

photoshoot of the rest of Kid Ikarus

Folgo had a polaroid camera and took some legit pictures which I stole and will scan when I get home. In the meantime these are them

Good Bye Horses
have I mentioned how awesome all these dudes were yet? Cuz Folgo, Julien and this other guy who's name has 100% escaped me were the sweetest dudes around

It ain't no Les Savy Fav van but it's pretty fucking full

2am Crepes - cheese and mushroom may have been a terrible choice it was more like a 1 pound brick and less like a delicate crepe

Jun stuffing his face with food infront of Folgo's awesome vinyl wall

Regrets of Paris

2005 was an excellent year for wine

Europeans love to smoke

stoked on glow in the dark

A few of the polaroids that Folgo took that I coudln't keep - Bobby and Folgo

That fantastic first french band

The Family

I already miss Conrad a whole lot - our night in Paris turned out to be one of the best shows/nights of the whole tour and we never expected it; which maybe made it all the more special (I wrote the word special specifically for Folgo)
When we showed up to the club we were too late to soundcheck, too hungry to talk to anyone or be stoked on Paris, and let's be honest the place smelled like a sewer. Also I'm pretty sure the owners of the club hated music and hated people. Somehow it managed to all work itself out and I really feel like I've made some awesome friends in Paris.

Cologne, Germany

After the great show in Muelheim we drove all the way to Dortmund to stay at Uli's house. It was the last morning with Dima soo I went for a "run" with him when we woke up. It was a beautiful morning, great conditions for a jog....but I only made it about 5 minutes in before I started to hyperventilate and wanted to puke. Sorry I'm such a disappointment Dima.

Uli and Bobby - thanks for the awesome breakfast!!

Cologne Dom - hilarious German jokes about this place because I think it sounds like Condom

just climbed 532 steps up a spiral staircase

Bobby's tips for tour: go to the highest point of town right away so you can see it all real quick

love love love

Boy love!

world's largest working bell

church at the bottom of the steps - home to the remainds of the 3 wise men apparently

Spencer from Hella's new band sbach was all over Europe tour

this is where you pee

Conrad - taking obligatory photos

Lars made the most delicious vegan meal - thank you sooooo much

Kid Ikarus doing his thing

Allergic to Everything

Conrad's joined our band

After the show freinds! Alex!

Conrad's old friend Fred - WESTBEACH SHIRT! We had so much to talk about


Denise, Benjamin, Conrad, Bobby and I - Thanks Ben the show was rad and it was awesome meeting you

So this was Dima's last night - we had to celebrate CHICAGO STYLE!

This night was majorly fun, the place was called Limes...but not pronounced like the citrus fruit. Bummed that Dima had to go, but we totally went out in style, well I went to sleep around 230, who knows what else occured after that.

Muelheim, Germany

Hamburg breakfast club! After a very long walk around Hamburg trying to find the band apartment we crashed pretty hard and then woke up at 10 for a wonderful breakfast - last chance to hang out with some fabulous friends also. I really love Hamburg :)

sunshine time

punk squat skatepark - respect the bowl

Bobby/Augie's wet dream - next time definitely bringing a board

Thanks Astra Stube

This is funny for so many reasons

McDonald's is craaaazy in Europe

another fabulous squat in Germany

Princess Leia

AND THEN I ATE THE BOWL!! but for real - this vegan chili rivals Ashleigh's Moms...I'd say it's better due to the addition of mushrooms


Underwater Basket Weaving, Methamphetamine Symposium

playing inside an old horse stable

one of the most poorly attended yet awesome shows..last song bobby kicked me off drums ran outside and played I Love All You Guys acoustic - totally magical

super fan buying some merch - fun times in Muelheim