Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kristiansand, Norway

Finally, the day came to say good bye to Hansen - Totally bummed

goodbye hugs

Dima cried

Norway's countryside is insane beautiful

stopped to hang out at this lake

Man Vs Wild

In Kristiansand, with my favorite Viking Luis :)

tall ships!!

more sculpture gardens

I found some deer - yay!

and then some real swans who came to see if I had food for them...I did not

This looked mighty Norwegian - had to take a touristy photo

Charlie's Bar - just for Ashleigh

my new high hat friend

my new favorite photo of myself - thanks Conrad! My vanity knows no end

stuck out in the rain

the tiniest hotel room for 4

Kristiansand turned out to be a summer town, and it's only spring, but the show was totally rad none the less. Conrad was fucking hilarious - everyone was coming up after the show telling him to put out a stand up comedy dvd. We happened to show up during Christi Himmelfahrt, a holiday I've never heard of that is apparently the day Jesus 'drove' to heaven. No stores were open so I didn't get to explore anything - looks like I'll have to trip back to Kristiansnd one day to hang out with Luis and do all the things Vikings do

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