Monday, May 25, 2009

Kiel, Germany

After such a wonderful day off in Hamburg we headed to Kiel which was only an hour and a half away - so we had plenty of time to hang out

I'm getting used to delicious coffee every morning - this restaurant was called Bedford so Bobby liked it

Then we hit up a crazy busy flea market - I wanted to buy so many things that we just not possible to take with me around Europe for the next 3 weeks and then fly home with. Especially this awesome old typewritter

Also awesome, but not photoed, were these old test tubes and beakers and graduated cylinders I thought they would make rad flower pots or spice jars or something

Hamburg friends came to hang out in the morning too - yay

this water is also adorable

Conrad eating the Cobra - yum

I love having time to kill when on tour - we got to do Bobby and I's favorite activity - CANOEING!!!

Team Discovery Channel

Team Fish Killers - not shown: Bobby because they had to dock so he could jump out and go pee

we got tangled up in a willow tree

"I'm going to give you the keys to the Lamborghini"

this is not a giant beer - this is a giant beer with lemonade in it YUM!

I'm so happy to see that this crosses international boarders

group photo with Robert, Conrad, Myself and Annika

"Got me on my knee's Laila" This dog got very upset when Bobby stopped petting it

medium salads were more like extra larges

Conrad playing in Kiel to about a handful of people who were stoked and a handful of people who just wanted to sit and enjoy a beer - I joined him onstage for a song and attempted to sing in German and then pretended to be a dinosaur

awesome wallpaper at Prinz Willy's - this place was the best decorated venue yet

This is where I played a keyboard - it felt like I was in someone's livingroom

So after the show we cleaned up a bit, then Willy, Laila and the other girl locked up and went home and left us to our divices in a closed cafe. Almost living the dream of being locked in over night in a mall.

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