Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dresden, Germany

We managed to sleep until like 1130 in Nurnburg - and thus had no time to look around the city. No time to try and find Nurnburgers (which are little sausages) so instead we just enjoyed a candlelit breakfast before taking a short drive to Dresden.

said candlelit breakfast

Oster Hase

bobby's worried about germs

impromptu soccer game whilst we wait for hansen to negotiate in German to get an ipod fm brodcaster. The new van has no Aux

view from the van

hugging the pavement on the autobahn

so turns out the autobahn is a lot more dangerous than german's would have you believe - it turned into a parking lot. 10 accidents in like a 2km stretch. But it was a great opportunity to get some exersize

this is where we played @ AZ Conni

this is where slept

walked down the street to this pretty bookstore/coffeshop/bar to get BURG beer. The dude at the counter actually remembered Bobby from 2 years ago

Burg beer didn't exist this time but whatever this is was still good

maybe this isn't the best photo of Anett and her friend - but I blame the flash. Thanks for coming out dudes

"it sounds magical, melancholy, happy and then it was like you never played your instruments before" - Frank

late night game of 3's - we weren't allowed to play for money so instead we played to see who had to make breafkast..I lost.

Shit, I didn't have any photos of Conrad playing - but we have a new member to the van - KID IKARUS also, I didn't get to see a lot of Dresden so I hope to go back there some day - Everyone at AV Conni was super rad - and they had excellent Internet access. Thanks dudes!!

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