Saturday, May 9, 2009

Girona, Spain

Girona is my new favorite city in Spain! I thought it would be hard to top San Sebastian, especially because 5 years ago I watched Vas o no Vas for the very first time there and it was the first place I had ever tried surfing, but Girona is amazing and most likely missed because it's so small and not a tourist town. But that's probably what made it so great!
Also I've come to realize that my French is far better than my Spanish - which isn't saying much about my French really at all.

the officaly car wash uniform of this tour

the most amazing park job anyone has ever seen - Dima is the king of parking!

face check before sound check

crossing into the old part of town

walking down la rambla

this building is where we stayed - on the 3rd floor in the most beautiful apartment that I took no photos of inside. The girl we were staying with was named Patricia ans was awesome. I also have no photos of her :(

the widest cathedral..ever?

Dima, Albert, Hansen and Bobby enjoying some Cafe con Leche

corner store photoshoot

Casa Del Cultura - waaay too much class for me..not for Hansen though

none of my photos really captures the totally awe inspiring beauty of this place. Behind us was a HUGE pipe organ, wich pipes that went all the way to the ceiling and there was all these arcs and carved things and it was super super beautiful

night time

6 Euros for a bottle of wine? Don't mind if i do

tapas party - mmmm bravas = tasty potatoes

hanging out in a bar with a million people smoking

new friends! Carlos, Guadalupe and Mark

planning our 2am adventure walk through town

flower festival at night

trying to escape "The Killer of Girona"!!!!!!!

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