Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Berlin, Germany

I heard somewhere that tour is where you go to get fat - those words have never spoke truer. We stayed at a pretty decent hotel in Leipzig we even had 2 rooms!@ Totally awesome.

free breakfast at the hotel - yum yum

we had a sweet sunday afternoon show at this record store in Leipgiz

I really feel like this photo portrays Conrad perfectly

putting on a puppet show with Conrad's puppets

SECOND BREAKFAST! We knew there was going to be breakfast at the record store, but we couldn't resist free hotel breakfast - this however was hands down the BEST breakfast at the tour, fried tofu, sauteed mushrooms, fresh strawberries, and banana chocolate crepes pretty much killed me

Annet, Mark, and Dorethea came to watch us eventhough they had all already seen us - thanks dudes

Bobby search for records

Kid Ikarus - daytime version

I don't know why this photo is so small - but this is us playing. I'm wearing sunglasses inside because I'm so cool

Beautiful Berlin

awesome, super cute Vegan restaurant we went to for dinner

mmmmmmmm restaurant food

hanging out behind the merch table - only 2 weeks in - we shouldn't be so tired

Bobby Burg: weirdo anti-folk,playing at NBI in Berlin - was a fantastic show

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