Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nürnberg, Germany

Bobby woke up to a spider on his hand in Prague which sparked a hilarious practical joke on Hansen...turns out he's not a huge fan of spiders. Dima came to pick us up and show us around town, luckily we had some time to hang out before we headed to Nürnberg

Incase you were wondering what Bobby looks like with a blonde ladies wig

the area where we played felt a little communisty

Hat shopping - Dima looking for a driving cap

oh god this hat felt good - but was actually made of foxes and therefore waaaay too expensive. Gonna get me a fake one for next winter for sure

being a little lost

the oldest bridge perhaps

One Man Band on a Bridge

thanks Dima for knowing where to go in Prague for really great food

Daddy beer and Baby beer - I tried to order an Iced Tea and was told 'no you drink beer'

mmmmmmm rabbit

beef goulash tastes soooo good - and a lot like my Dad's beef stroganoff; which makes me think that it's really been goulash this whole time and we've been calling it by the wrong name

money ain't a thang...hahaha

BROCCOLI - Quiren, this vegan dinner was to die for good..or to kill for.

Wigs Plus

Party time excellent - we told everyone we were going to Karaoke which seemed like the most fun possible, but turns out karaoke in Nürnberg is more of a depressing activiy

past bands

na na na na na na na na Snack Van

we make party - German Dance Party!

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