Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prague, Czech Republic

I just realized there are no photos of our Rescuer Mira - but he drove from BRUSSELS to Trieste to come pick our asses up, then our hero driver Dima drove the whole 9 hours through the night to get us to Prauge in time to get a new van and make it to the radio station for our interview. Also not shown is a photo of the Italian homeland security dudes who pulled us over at 3am to search the van.
So stoked to be in the Czech Republic and use all the words we've learned so well - like turn left, turn right, yes, hello and ok ok ok.

the exchange from the Grey Highway to Frankenstien the mikro bus car

being interviewed at Radio Wave - they coincidently played Tortoise just before we went on the air and we told them that we ate breakfast with Doug at Breakfast Club.

Then Bobby played a song on the Ukulele and they asked us about Hansen and we told them that we eat breakfast with him too. Then they told everyone in Czech that we love breakfast...and we do

totally the best radio experience to date - thanks guys

back to regular cups of coffee - Hansen is stoked

Ashleigh McIvor

Bobby loves explaining the ins and outs of washrooms

Touristy part of Prague

at 6pm this clock does something totally amazing - people were gathered around 20 minutes in advance to catch a glimpse of the magic...we didnt' wait around though. I can see that shit on youtube

We showed up to Club Strahov 007 to find a note from Augie and Dave on our poster!!! It read something like "Bobby Blarg, Uh-Lees, Hazmatman ,Sup? Aug Dogs" and I think something about Mittens

after dinne love

Small world - Ora, from Vancouver of all places, opened

I would soon learn that Staropramen gives you terrible hangovers

Hansen's Czech is remarkable - they totally knew what he was saying..I wish Dima stayed, he woulda been so proud

number 1 fan - she got to play Tambourine with us :)

dolla dolla bills y'all...oh wait - this money is worthless

please note the incredibly generous pour of wine in Hansen's glass and Bobby's beer all cost about 75 euro cents

Oh Czech Republic we love you
If only we hadn't broken the Van in Trieste - we had planned to visit Parduice where Dima lives and meet his cat Toby and his brother. But it just didn't work out. Next time I'm strollin' around eastern Europe...totally.

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