Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mt de Marsan, France

Each day is better than the last - can this possibly continue? To be honest this blog has a 2 day lag so I know the answer is No. But at the time everything felt amazing and we were unstoppable.

the drive from Basel to Mt de Marsan was something ridiculous like 13 hours but it yielded the BEST strawberries I've ever had - that Hansen bought at a gas station

an unbelievable dinner - thanks Raf, Alex and Julian :)

i think this area was called 3 rivers

oh god i need make up

walking on the one of two streets in Mt de Marsan

look at this face!

setting up merch...soo much merch

beautiful poster by Julian

singing a song - me making bobby frustrated

this is what it looks like when a small room full of french people smoking sings you happy birthday

and this is what i look like when i'm embarrassed

mmm french wine

blurry fans

Un cafe a emporter, S'il vous plait!

birthday tiramisu

Dima eating some anchovies - I ate one too and you know what it was totally tasty

the great heist! Blanche recommended we go to her mom's house to raid it of all the alcohol

escaping the french terror that was her stepdad - he hates americans!

i love julian's cartoons

Armangac - typical of this area

happy birthday to me - thanks France, for being so awesome!

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