Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day Off - Hamburg, Germany

By the time we left Charlie's Bar it was well after 2 and I think Dima was still buzzed off the 5 red bulls he drank during the drive from Oslo to Kristiansand. Regardless of the reasons we got back to the hotel late and were full of energy and lots of giggles. Totally forgot that there would be other people in the rooms around us and I think we pissed off a lot of people on the 3rd floor. Sorry to anyone who stayed at 1-2-3 Hotel in Kristiansand on May 21st

we also had to be at the ferry by 7am so we woke up at 6 so we could get ready, eat breakfast and make it in time - luckily we scored some awesome spots on the ferry

all in all it was a 10 hour travel day - and I slept through most of it. Bobby said "you're teleporting all over Europe today" and it was true. Fell asleep in Kristiansand, woke up in Hamburg!
Ate some vegetarian dinner then Conrad's friends took us to the best place for ice cream in all of Germany

Ice Cream Club - seriously, this ice cream was fucking incredible

so this photo needs some explaining. We were walking through Hamburg, eating ice cream and I guess Bobby finished his ice cream first and went to throw the cup away, opened this garbage can and screamed like a little girl. The fish head scared the shit outta him - it was soooo funny

the harbour

Conrad and Bobby hanging out in Hamburg

walking tour through the Red Light District - we didn't get to go to the Men's Only part that Dima was stoked on, maybe Sunday when we're back in Hamburg

I imagine that in English this sign says "this is the first bar the Beatles played"

Wall Art Eveyrwhere

inside Fundbureau - punk rock love

Pit er Pat - sans Rob D - but actually all new songs and it sounded fucking awesome

stoked to see Butchie and Faye!!!!

This was a great day off, and I think the last one we've got, so we made the most of it by seeing friends and eating ice cream :)
Only people we didn't get to see was Dave and Eike so hopefully on Sunday we'll all get to hang out

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