Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bilbao, Spain

I wanted to put nothing from Bilbao on the blog - I just wanted to forget that it ever existed. It wasn't actually all that bad though, with the exception of the Vibepire (new word coined by Hansen).
However, it was my birthday so we're going to remember the day I turned 25.

Morning in Mt de Marsan

Books for Sale!

a great breakfast of Chocolatine and cafe at the cutest restaurant in town

drive to San Sebastian - or at least a part of it that I was awake for

because it was my birthday I got to do whatever I wanted - and I wanted to go to the beach!!

The Bay of Biscay - super awesome and majorly cold this time of year

hanging out in San Sebastian - no big deal

love love love

really? i'm that touristy?

super tourists

Santa Maria church..maybe? we were just looking for tapas and kept running into cultural things

then things got gay

the food at this place was so good - maybe because we hadn't eaten since in over 8 hours, maybe because spain has awesome food. only time will tell.

hand made Paletazo poster

Chris Hansen plays Dark Side of the Moon

my favorite part of Bilbao


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