Monday, May 18, 2009

Leipzig, Germany

The morning in Dresden I made good on my bet and helped make breakfast - It was majorly fun actually and I learned how to make typical vegan spreads for bread. German's love their spreads.

easy rider Dima

making some delicious/nutritious breakfast

breakfast table outside

breakfast dog Finnius

some dresden dolls :)

Bobby is excellent at slacking (I think that's what they call it)

German efficiency at it's finest

Dorothea came to see us - YAY!

getting prettied up

we actually sounded like musicians at this show

hahahaha so much smoke machine

we played first, and I used someone elses kit and we didn't need to wait around to get paid - so we ran to this other place to see GRAND ARCHIVES!!!

I'm happy to see Grand Archives and I'm happy to be drinking a Pina Colada in Germany

THOR - so much can be said about this man. Pictured here rocking a clarinet, he also played the drums and a home made hammer dulcimer

hanging out on the balcon after the show with Jeff and Curtis


Leipzig was a totally bizarre experience - we played in like the dungeon of a medieval fort with some terrible world music bands, I drank a Club Mate, 2 espressos and a red bull all within a few hours of eachother and was bouncing off the walls and we got to see a great band from Seattle just down the street. We didn't get to hit up a German techno dance party - maybe tomorrow will be our lucky night

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