Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day Off - Berlin Day 2

Yay - Day off in Berlin. Very stoked because we didn't get to see anything at all yet. Also a little bummed to learn a little too late that The Mae Shi were in Berlin that night too. Love those dudes.

Chris Hansen "Paletazo" he has his own driver and likes pizza

Björn's beautiful house that he let us stay at

who get's to sleep on the couch?
/Dima points to Hansen
"Old Man"

Berlin (or at least this part of the eastside we were in) is full of amazing flower shops, children's toy stores, hip-hop apparel/spray paint and punk squats

nice breakfast in a nice place - shame it took over an hour to get our food. the only thing that needed to be cooked was 3 fried eggs and one scrambled egg - my croissant had better be made to order

we are here

Berlin Wall - for realz. This was Chris and I's first time in Berlin so we had to see at least one thing historic

this is some heavy shit

minds blown - need a break at a tropical beach?

sooooo there was this random like oasis beer garden kinda place along the wall so we stopped to hang out in the sand and look at the river

drinking and riding INTO THE FUTURE - totally allowed

Berlin at dusk

Uncle Hansen made a group salad - apparently the large salad is assemble yourself

fucking delicious punk rock pizza


"can we have our check?"
"ok, what kind of shots do you want?"
WTF Germany!

Hanging out at KPTN

Never have I see someone sooooo good at foozeball - Björn you are some kind of table soccer god

Group Tour photo - Bands, Driver, Booking Agent :)

I would like to see you in the morning - Bobby Burg

Toby and Conrad - Ciao Choosey

If you are a friend of mine you'll understand
a) that I drew this
b) what it means

2am stumble back to the house - ran into our friend the Dildo King. Putting Big and Hunky to shame, he needs this kind of publicity

Really wish we had more time in Berlin, we barely scratched the surface on everything that is cool about it - plus I didn't buy one thing for myself and there was about 100 stores I walked into and loved but there was just not enough time to make good decisions. Thanks soooo much to Björn for this whole tour - it's fucking rad. Super stoked to finally meet you and it's awesome that we all got along so well, I can't wait to come back to Berlin!!!!!!

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