Friday, May 29, 2009

Cologne, Germany

After the great show in Muelheim we drove all the way to Dortmund to stay at Uli's house. It was the last morning with Dima soo I went for a "run" with him when we woke up. It was a beautiful morning, great conditions for a jog....but I only made it about 5 minutes in before I started to hyperventilate and wanted to puke. Sorry I'm such a disappointment Dima.

Uli and Bobby - thanks for the awesome breakfast!!

Cologne Dom - hilarious German jokes about this place because I think it sounds like Condom

just climbed 532 steps up a spiral staircase

Bobby's tips for tour: go to the highest point of town right away so you can see it all real quick

love love love

Boy love!

world's largest working bell

church at the bottom of the steps - home to the remainds of the 3 wise men apparently

Spencer from Hella's new band sbach was all over Europe tour

this is where you pee

Conrad - taking obligatory photos

Lars made the most delicious vegan meal - thank you sooooo much

Kid Ikarus doing his thing

Allergic to Everything

Conrad's joined our band

After the show freinds! Alex!

Conrad's old friend Fred - WESTBEACH SHIRT! We had so much to talk about


Denise, Benjamin, Conrad, Bobby and I - Thanks Ben the show was rad and it was awesome meeting you

So this was Dima's last night - we had to celebrate CHICAGO STYLE!

This night was majorly fun, the place was called Limes...but not pronounced like the citrus fruit. Bummed that Dima had to go, but we totally went out in style, well I went to sleep around 230, who knows what else occured after that.

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