Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oslo, Norway

We're in NORWAY bitches!

normal day in Norway

ok for real this is Norway - we drove there from Denmark - turns out there's a bridge to Sweeden so we drove through there. I can now say I've been to Sweeden.

"Coffee for Real" - Elisse
If only you could hear me saying this It would be a lot more hilarious

Body Break - With Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud

The Scandinavian people have figured out a lot of shit, free school, free healthcare, beautiful women. They have not figured out how to make a proper bathroom though. WTF shower/toilet combo?!

Vigeland Sculpture Park - google that shit

our new metal band's promo photo

we're tough as fuck

but powerless against this pouring rain. Norway you are one beautiful country

and now it's sunny....still at the sculpture park that giant phallic symbol is made of humans! Wish we could see more of the park but we've got to get back and dry off

Let the right one in

drinking Norwegian toilet water

damn delicious vegan burger - the patty is made of shredded beets and it looks all bloody when you eat it. so metal.

Dima's Norwegian Friends - Frederic, Stig, and Gabriel. These dudes totally made the show the most fun we've ever had!!! Thanks guys I'm so stoked to know a real Norwegian metal band :)

Bobby the human sponge

Dima is soooooo drunk - when you get Norwegians, Czechs and free beer together it spells disaster

because it was our last show with Hansen (and our last night too /tear) we got Dima up with us for a group song - he did such a great job on the tambo

Great photo of Bobby taken by Frederic

last chance to play Kick It!!

Ahhhh Cobras

you know, the guy in the hat, friends with the guy with the braces

so it's 1am on a Wednesday and the smoking area of this place was packed to the tits - Norway knows how to party...and smoke...and do snus. ewwwww.

dont' fuck with us

everything was hilariously awesome :)

walking back to the hotel, last 2am stumble with Hansen :(

hahahahahahahahah Dima's walk of shame back to the hotel. 8am, 2 hour walk through Oslo. Well done buddy.

Maybe because it was Hansen's last night with us, maybe because I was soooo stoked to be in Norway, maybe because we busted out an improv'd metal song, or maybe because we had some drunk 18 year old boys cheering us on, I don't know why but Oslo really fucking killed it.
I have yet to find a good Norway postcard - but when I do I'm gonna buy 40 of them. And it will cost me 900 of their crazy viking money.

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