Thursday, May 21, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark

After a fantastic day off we headed to Denmark - unfortunately we didn't really understand how far away the ferry was and missed the 1 o'clock so we had to wait till the 3 and had less than desired time in Copenhagen. But we managed to make the most of it as always

the pee tree

What's Bobby doing?

oh, just making fresh peanut butter in the back of the van

I'm on a BOAT!

Love Boat :)

blurry photo of the most amazing dinner in Copenhagen, all you can eat buffet? Andreas how did you know we love food!

Copenhagen What's UP?!

scary Copenhagen, just kidding it was super safe

so jealous of the bikes here!

Place we played

my new favorite nerd - Andreas

Hansen - no longer singing songs about white girls Just songs about Dima

Bobby is pointing to a chair on the shirt which is his chair. It's in our office

Before The Show...but really it was during the show

4 out of 5 people in Denmark are named Andreas. This may or may not be one of them

HEY IT'S PIET! We met Piet at Club 1808 in Austin, TX during SXSW and told him to come to the show - never actually thought it would happen. Thanks Dre! It was so rad to see someone I recognized. Also he is not super short..I'm standing on like a stage

bike ride van ride

Arkhams Horror - No Girls Allowed. If we didnt' have to get up at 6am to drive to Norway I woulda stayed up all night playing it

a wide angle lens woulda really been nice right about now. Happiest sleepers ever!

I tried to find this bar called The Lord Nelson by Dana's request to have a great beer with a great dude but I couldn't find it and we were running late. But admits my wandering I got to see where people would go to shop if they were tourists in Copenhagen.
Also I blew the bartender's mind at the venue because I ordered my favorite drink Malibu and soda and he's like "that is crazy no one has ever ordered that before"...I guess no one likes to drink sun tan lotion in Copenhagen.

Really wish I could have spent more time in Copenhagen...maybe see it during the day or something. I really have to go back - shit I've said that about every city, but I really mean it. It was fucking awesome.

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