Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hamburg, Germany

Morning in Kiel, there were 5 of us and only 4 couches to sleep on, so I took one for the team and slept on the tiny love seat. Maybe not the worst sleep of my life - but pretty damn close.

Having breakfast with our new friend Mozart

since we only had to head back to Hamburg we had loads of time to goof off. It was Sunday after all :)

found a beach - Hi East Sea!

Typical German greeting of 2 men on a beach

I desperately need a shower and some make up

sweet this place had Mini-Golf!!! We learned that German mini-golf is kind of standardized so every course is very similar and there are no elaborate courses. No Castle fun park Jungle style or Under the Sea.
Also, you aren't allowed to step on the course which is why I'm standing like this


Dima totally kicked all our asses

I've really stepped up my game in the snack van

We got back to Hamburg a bit early so we stopped by Roberts to hang out with Pigor his fantastic cat....and shower

we got to pick out a slide for our background

Astra Stube - like playing in someone's livingroom

dinner with Dave and Eike - apparently Dave is really stressed about what to order

oh god how I love good pasta, even in Germany they do Italian food right

after dinner inspiration

It was sooo great to see Dave and Eike, thanks dudes sooooo much for coming to hang out after a long day of returning a van.
This is also the best photo of Dave Laney ever taken apparently :)

Bobby and I have joined Kid Ikarus

blurry friends

so the bartender draws bands while they play at Astra Stube and does an amazing job of it too - she doesn't draw faces though which is why we look like mice or something but still for a sketch inbetween serving drinks it's way impressive

this is Conrad multitasking

German Dance Party Bobby

Hamburg felt like home for some reason. Maybe because we had just been there 2 days before on our day off, maybe because Dave Laney was there, or maybe because Hamburg is a rad fucking city. I also met a Canadian girl who is also a drummer at the show - small, small world.
It was a really good show, great food and awesome friends, I hope I get to see Eike, Robert and Annika again soon.

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