Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Basel, Switzerland

Day 2 of our million day tour took us to Basel which was only 45 minutes away from Freiburg. This made it possible for our new friends Arne and Flo to come with us - they are rad so stoked to have them along for the ride.

morning in Freiburg

breakfast dessert

lovely afternoon bike ride in Germany

we put bike rides on our rider

German friends looking at shopping cart fire

shopping cart fire

Basel, Switzerland - where everyone has only one eye

The Rhine

I Love Switzerland

Hirscheneck - where we played

This photo is because of Jeremy Lemos

Pre-Show Coffee

for friends of nick cave

this show was totally awesome - Hansen sounded amazing

Me - doing nothing as usual

Bobby singing to his new best friend

The Sea Sick...or Sea Sail. Same Same.

4am after party - had to wake up at 630am the next morning. Bad decisions not documented because my camera battery died.

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