Friday, May 15, 2009 wait. Trieste, Italy

So it turns out that the Silver Hornet was beyond repair (well the clutch was) so we scrambeled to find a way to Vienna and in the end failed. An unexpected day off in Trieste ended up being pretty damn rad - however - sucked that we didn't get to go to Austria. Next time dudes!!

this is Chocolat, probably the most beautiful little cafe/gelataria

mutant red peppers

best breakfast ever

The Adriatic Sea - alas no where to swim

Grocery store Kitty

european produce is a fucking work of art

so Chocolat had wifi, and we had no vehicle or home so we hung out there for hours and hours

we totally became their best customers though - coconut,nutella gelato for lunch

nazis = jews = triangle eye = illuminati = the post office?

The Arch de Ricardo...or something very very very old

first robots ever invented

we hiked to the top of the city (where the van died) great view. People in Triste must have great legs - it's like mini San Fran

Oh hey Andrea what are those things over there? "oh those I don't know just some ancient roman ruins, no big deal"

When we finally gave up on trying to make it to Vienna Hansen and I returned from our adventure to find Dima and Bobby 5 beers deep

hanging out in the square - lots of time to kill before dinner which apparently isn't served at any restaurant until 8pm

this is how we roll

Spritz - typical pre-dinner drink and some coffee and a whole lot of snacks. They could tell we were the Americans (and Canadian and Czech) because we ate all the free snacks and then asked for more

long walks down short piers

strong like bull

Trieste at night

fishbones - delicious dinner

I can't believe cars like this can survive in this city - small european towns driving habits blow my mind

The night ended a little earlier than expected. We thought that Mira was coming to rescue us at 6am but turns out it was at 2am so I ran home and got an hour of sleep before we had to load our shit into another van and drive 9 hours to Prauge. Thanks Mira and Dima for being such heros :)

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  1. this is a great reportage! ingrid (vienna-trieste, currently in paris)