Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day Off

So today was one of 3 days I get off this entire trip and we decided to make the most of it by sleeping in and driving a billion hours.

Only had enough time to see one thing in Barcelona so we went to the Gaudi museum

being tourists

someone was getting there wedding photos right here - Maybe this is where Bobby and I will have our next wedding

View from the top

the next 6 hours were spent like this and then 5 hours more after we stopped for dinner

Nice is Nice!

some magical center full of restaurants and gelatarias

dinner at 10pm

so hungry, so delicious

all I wanted was escargot - but no where had them, which is weird because the last time I was in Nice I ate them everyday. But I settled with moules :)

could not leave france without a nutella crepe

some fountain

beautiful walk back to the van - wish we were there during the day

power station in the van - the constant struggle to keep things charged!

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