Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucca, Italy

We stopped in Pisa for the night because it was very close to Lucca which was the next show. Figured that would give us time to hang out in Pisa and be tourists. Maybe it wasn't worth the 4 hour night drive through the mountains that nearly killed us all (mentally not physically). Luckly Dima is the greatest driver ever. I love Italy - I wish we had more time here, maybe next time. However, I am on a strict diet of espresso, croissants and second hand smoke and I'm really ready for a change.

View from our hotel room - no big deal

It's really leaning!

trying to recreate a photo we took infront of the fake leaning tower in Niles, Il.

Duff beer for me, Duff beer for you, I'll have a Duff, You have one too!

This one's for you Gillard...and Denholm

Excellent idea Bobby, we've got time to kill - let's rent bikes and ride around Pisa!!!

This immediately became a bad idea - this is the photo Hansen managed to take WHILST falling off his bike. Don't take picture and ride - lesson learned


Love it! Man playing a saw on the street - spoons has got someone to look up to

riding safely

unbelievable market full of wonderful things

Bobby can't open his eyes

the hour drive to Lucca was too much for us - we had to take a break

Nice photo Hansen

arrived in Lucca a few hours early - THEY HAD WIFI!!!!
None of us spoke until our laptop batteries were drained

sooooooooo this is the backyard of the place we played

oh yeah and the pool just steps away from us

Dima working hard :)

really could get used to this

This is the WONDERFUL Martina - who was rad enough to ask us to come play in Lucca. Love you Martina - love you so much

so this is like the outside of the restaurant - which is where we played. I don't think I've ever been somewhere so beautiful

dinner buffet for birthday party guests and us - home cooked Italian food - are you kidding me??

The "swill" as it was called. Just some fucking delicious local red wine and by local I mean literally steps away

I think we each had 3 full plates of food and I ate more potato chips than anyone ever should. But before I had only had my daily amount of coffee, cigarettes and chocolate filled croissants

Hanging out in the vineyard drinking wine - so awesome

being adorable

being even more adorable

damn this is gay

Bobby and Martina's boyfriend Jay - he's from Pittsburg of all places

the little town of Montecarlo

this is where we played - just like on the patio. oh right did I mention this was just someone's Birthday? We were totally hired to play an Italian woman's birthday at a 4 star vineyard resort place

Birthday Friends! Hansen and Tobia (maybe that's his name)

drinking wine from plastic cups still tastes great in Italy

the most amazing coffee and biscotti

more birthday friends! major partying happening

lots of Italian dogs to hang out with

too much partying for me and the little Italian dog

I'm not exaggerating when I say this was the most amazing experience - it wasn't anything like playing at a bar, or a cafe or anything. We were so welcomed and treated like royalty. I definitely will be coming back to Lucca for a holiday.

also why there are a million photos from this day - trust me I really edited it down too I could have shown at least 50 more beautiful photos of this place. Totally paradise!

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