Monday, May 4, 2009

Freiburg, Germany

Guten tag!
So day one of our million day tour was so perfect that everything else is just going to be a disappointment. Well, hopefully not, but seriously major fun and awesome times. Here are some of the highlights of Day 1.

the international terminal at O'Hare is a joke


Bird Flu


we beat the system by taping our sleeping bags together and thus only checking 2 pieces each which, by the way, were FREE! Air India rules - don't let that 1985 bombing fool you.


hanging out at the Frankfurt airport

Schiltach - prettiest town in the Black Forest

home of Hänsel und Gretel, Rumpelstilzchen, and Witches to be burned

Bobby stoked to be here

The Black Forest - beautiful photo taken by Chris Hansen. Totally looks like a Robert Bateman painting.

Punk Slumber Party

seriously 3 ingredients but the best snack ever

we were spoiled, 5 different kinds of vegan cakes


Fun Bobby

Serious Bobby

lockpick pornography

actually it explains how to lock yourselves together when protesting, but I like to imagine it's about how to pick a lock

romantic candlelight vegan dinner - thanks Arne for the most delicious food ever

Paletazo fan - Gerald

Bobby and Arne pretending to be 15 and drinking in the backseat
but it's allowed here!

Hilariously Awesome!!!!

3am hallway - everyone's sleeping and I'm in the office uploading photos.

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  1. My dad lived in Germany for a while before making it over to Canada. He loved it; I'd like to go some time, roam the forests, storm some castles.