Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Horse Feathers

What I found most remarkable is how utterly silent everyone gets. A rare opportunity to see a great band with a bunch of respectful people.

Horse Feathers - 7th Street Entry 6/23/11 from Elisse LaRoche on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


We played our first show!!!
Part of the Girls Rock Chicago Kickoff fundraiser/Party!!
It was a huge success - for us at least.
Also - I signed us up for Twitter...I'm still skeptical about it but if you want to keep up with when we're playing/what we think is adorable (re: cat photos) you should follow us

We didn't suck!

White Mystery totally ruled - as always

I got to see my favourite small person - Miss Mila Kinsella

hanging out with friends on the grass in a park
totally perfect

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pop Rocks

Another attempt at a song by Canadian Girlfriends

Canadian Girlfriends - Pop Rocks from Elisse LaRoche on Vimeo.

What you learn from recording video of practices instead of just audio? We all do something weird that we didn't know we were doing. Rock stance?! Where did that come from!? ha!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finite Vacation

I'm taking a break from reading Infinite Jest. I've crossed the half way point and while it has become much easier to read, exciting even, as the story falls towards its denouement, I needed a reprieve. So today I picked up Patti Smith's autobiography Just Kids from the library. Where I get all my books, because they're free!

Two hours later I was half way through the book - I see myself finishing it tonight, or perhaps tomorrow if I fall asleep...reading in bed is always hazardous.

Marge and I both totally love it. It is an excellent and fucking easy (especially after trying to digest David Foster Wallace) read.


The last time Big Freedia was in Chicago she played New Years Eve. It was probably 32 degrees that night and at least 300 people were at the show dressed in gold lamé booty shorts, the other 100 were in all glitter. You know what was surprising - on a 75 degree day in June I saw only 4 people in inappropriately small clothing. Interesting.

This was the most genuine fun I've had at the Bottle...ever?
It was impossible not to shake your ass and grin from ear to ear.

the professional ass shakers

Azz Everywhere
Seriously, if you get a chance to see Big Freedia - go. You will have fun.

This is just because I love to see some ass bouncing. I do not in anyway condone Mr. Ghetto or shopping at Walmart.