Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I hate the Metro

There are many reasons why the Metro sucks - this map helps illustrate some basics.

The #1 reason it sucks is because it's steps away from Wrigley Field - on nights when the Cubs play and you have to see a show it's utter chaos and parking/public transportation is disastrous.
Also just being in Wriglyville in general means it's full of assholes and, I learned last night, also people who pay $60 to go to a show of bands they've never heard because it should be 'cool' and/or 'hip'.
But the thing that bums me out the most about the Metro is the staff. I bet some of them are really awesome people, but they have been trained to be the worst humans on earth. There are countless stories of people being treated horribly there (I have a bunch I won't even begin to unload on you) and last night was no different.

Chandeliers - totally awesome Chicago band opening up

Sleigh Bells - the reason Miles and I went to the show.
I thought they were fucking rad and wish I could take more than one photo before the staff (which somehow pushed all the way through the tightly packed crowd) threatened to kick me out and asked me to give them my camera. I said 'fuck no' and politely put it back in my purse and just enjoyed the rest of the show.
Which I thought was fucking awesome - I can't wait to see them again when they come through on a headlining tour. I would like not to be stuffed between Yeasayer fans and people who just enjoy going to the Metro and will just buy tickets because it's cool.

Man I'm pretty bitter about this. Weird.

After Sleigh Bells Miles and I took off .. I'm sure Yeasayer was perfectly non-offensive and well rehearsed. I headed over to the Burlington for SST NIGHT!!! Bobby and Matt's super fun dj night.

Then I headed to the Empty Bottle (obviously, I live there) to catch the last song of the Che Arthur 3 and hang out all night trying to make drunk boys kiss each other.
Another super fun Thursday night.
April you've totally ruled!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Last night Ashleigh and I went to the Congress to see one of my total guilty pleasures GOGOL BORDELLO!!!

photo from the balcony on my cell phone

What I love about this band is that it's non-stop fun. Last time I saw them play in Vancouver it was to less than 1000 people and it was still total mayhem - I probably lost like 5lbs dancing for 2 hours. This time they played to over 3000 people and it was totally jaw-droppingly-awesome. Seeing 3000 people start jumping and dancing when the band starts the first note of Wonderlust King made me smile so much my face hurt.

I assume the same sort of thing happens when Girl Talk or Passion Pit play a sold out show at the Congress but I also assume that those 3000 people are douchebags (I actually think Passion Pit played to like 4500 people)

Don't get me wrong, I hate hippies. I saw no less than 20 girls wearing jeans under their skirts and at least 6 dudes with face tattoos, but everyone was just there to have a good time - no one was trying to prove they were into whatever was the newest coolest thing to like. In fact I feel shameful for how much I totally love this band - no one thinks you're cool for listening to gypsy punk.

photo stolen from flickr

my love of mustaches and accordions knows no end

Friday, April 23, 2010


Last night our good friend Cale Parks was in town with this band Aloha that people seem to really like and of course I had never heard of before I met Bobby.
It was a fucking rad show and now I'm totally a fan.

Cale and T.J. and like a tiny bit of Tony @ The Empty Bottle

After the show everyone in the photo, Bobby and I came back here for a pizza/youtube party - this was the only photo I took.
Me with my claw pose...really trying to make this be the new peace sign.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The dangers of living one block away from The Empty Bottle

The past week I spent 5 nights in a row at the Empty Bottle

stolen off flickr

oh I know this corner all to well

Tuesday night I managed to hit up Subterranean before the Bottle to see Vacations Bobby's other, more awesome band
I forgot a camera but Caitlin took this rad video

stolen from Claire

Tuesday - Dead Meadow
turns out because I'm not a stoner this music really doesn't interest me

not stolen at all

Wednesday night was the much anticipated Pissed Jeans show - I missed it last time they played here and was sooo stoked.
It totally ruled!!

stolen from flickr

Thursday night - Dosh
The last time I saw Dosh (which was actually the first time) it was in Minneapolis and it blew my mind. This time round he played a lot of new songs and there was an added member to the band who played saxophone...I hate the saxophone

stolen of myspace

Friday night I failed at seeing Best Coast so luckily I got to see Pool of Frogs - 4 of the most hilarious dudes. These guys put on a really awesome show.
It was missing one special thing though. Amanda drunk, dancing, heckling, and singing along.

And of course Saturday night, I ended up at the Empty Bottle for the end of Record Store Day to see Disappears.

Thanks Empty Bottle staff for being my friends!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Record Store Day!

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Record Store Day and was a huge success (according to me)

Love of Tuning - Reckless in the loop bright and early

kinda the best line up ever

The singer from Rise Against was signing autographs at the store all afternoon and before we left I totally scored a photo with him - 17 year old me was stoked
also regular me - this is photoshop face me

perfectly good dumpster sombreros

somebody (mainly Ashleigh) was not stoked to find out that these were found in an alley

friends festively enjoying Record Store Day at the Reckless on Broadway

Head of Sombreros!
just watching Noah drum makes me exhausted

Regress reunion at Reckless (5 points of alliteration)

Maximum Wage at Death or Glory
I love this band - and I also now enjoy this record store which has an adorable half address.
Who wouldn't want to go to 2557 1/2 W.Chicago Ave.

Bobby and John won some records

this kid won a horribly scratched copy of Ride the Lightning

Tyler Jon Tyler - kinda becoming my new favourite Chicago band

Final show of the day - Disappears at the Empty Bottle
for their release of LUX

every band is better with Jeanine

This felt like the longest day of my life - it was like SXSW all over again, what with the playing and running around town to see all your friends play too.
3 cups of coffee was just not enough to get me through it all - half way into Disappears I was enjoying it with my eyes closed..not because I was sooo into it, but because I physically couldn't keep them open any longer.

I can't wait for next Record Store Day!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Music Video Premiere

A couple Saturdays ago...Bobby and I woke up very very early and headed to the skate ramp with our gear, 100 tennis balls and 4 really awesome dudes. A couple hours of fun and THIS fucking masterpiece was created!!

Love of Everything from Kyle Obriot


Our records finally came!!!
So you can buy the real thing HERE or if you prefer go get it off iTunes by clicking THIS

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The moment I'm sure everyone has been waiting for (or at least my parents) Best In Tensions is available on itunes!!!!

Brought to you by the letter B

Oh April - you are so AWESOME

On Friday night Bobby, Eric and I went up to the Metro to see Beach House!!!

As I was throwing out the 30 empty cans from the night before in the recycling, I saw this old mirror up against a building. Our alley is always full of cool shit.

Hanging out with the kids right up at the front
This was the best photo I took - I was not stoked on the lighting..especially cause Dan was in the dark

Beach House Dance Party!!

hanging out at the Gingerman after the show with friends
Bobby found someone who can drink beer as fast as him - yay

Holy shit!!!
If you live in Chicago and have ever tried to see a show at the Metro (especially if there's a cubs game) you understand how fucking epic this parking spot is.

I think I saw Beach House years ago at the Media Club in Vancouver and didn't even know who they were and they didn't hold my attention at all. After hearing Norway from Teen Dreams this year I was like 'holy shit Beach House rules' - then I heard Zebra and it was game over...I was in love.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Again and Again

It seems like I've been stalking the Black Lips - but I couldn't resist seeing them again in Chicago. I love hyperbole, but for real this was 100% the best show I've seen since at least 2008.

It's been forever since I've seen an entire crowd of people singing along to every song and losing their minds because they love the band. Plus the mosh pit was epic, it never tired.

I personally was in it, right up at the front, for the first 4 songs anyway. Unfortunately I was wearing inappropriate shoes and couldn't last much longer. But my favourite part of the night was when I was getting out some kid looked at me and said 'WOW I can't believe your glasses are still on" to which I replied, "I'm a veteran" - I felt old and awesome all at the same time.

by Andrea Bauer

"Musicians are the guys who sell you strings at Guitar Center. I'm an entertainer." - Ian Saint Pé

stolen off flickr

This photo of Pete totally makes me smile - After what was my favourite show of 2010 everyone went to Longhorn and Slim's (aka Longman and Eagle) drank until they blacked out, showed their penis to dudes in flannel pj's, and danced.
Then we went back to Regrets to meet up with friends, Bear Hands and weird strangers.
What a fucking night.
Wish I brought my camera.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

let's hear it for New York

Last Sunday Bobby and I got in the van with 3 friends and headed East to play a show in New York with some awesome bands - it was a 5 day super adventure and majorly fun times

hour 1 of many many hours - start of a totally awesome road trip

few things are more romantic than Ryan, a roaring fire, balloons, and a good book

gangsters at Panera in Ohio

reading in the car makes me vomit- Matt and Ryan are lucky

mmmm Thai curry at Rice in Manhattan

Death By Audio in Brooklyn
Kinda like an exclusive tiger party. You're all "hey tigers can I party with you?" and they're all "YEAH RIGHT LOL"

Bobby and Brian

Polariod by Libby Walker

Drawlings - Abby was in a car accident in LA like the day before this show..totally stoked she was ok

Classic Drunk Matt

Chicago friends are now New York friends - hi Rob and Ben

City Center totally killing it - they're playing tonight in Chicago with Joan of Arc power trio, I can't wait!!

Soft Circle is awesome - Soft Circle with Ben is even better


real love

German Dance Party @ Lit!!!

Bobby DJing some things that the people there were not ready for at 230am

next morning - subway ride to Soho for breakfast

Cafe Gitane Si Vous Plait

mmmm Hibiscus Tea

on our way to a part of New York I've never been before
(I being Elisse, because I'm the only one who writes this shit and Bobby used to live in New York)

almost there

The Natural History Museum!!!

Natural and Historic

I live in the Ocean - you live in the Ocean cuz you ain't got no job!

I can't wait until Jurassic Park is a real thing

Sara and Sam @ Max Fish!!

El-P and Matt..I got a text at like 1am from matt saying El-P was @ the bar, I said "TAKE A PHOTO!" and he was waaaay ahead of me

so bummed I only lived through this night vicariously :(
All the photos at Max Fish are from Bobby and Matt's adventure
Libby and I chilled in the gigantic hotel bed watching Chelsea Lately and E! News and giggling

Poppy chillin' at the bar

Squishy dog and Squishy face

Carol, Kuo, and Bobby

next day in Cleveland @ This Way Out in the basement of the Beachland Ballroom

Oh hey look who's in Cleveland too

I don't think I expanded on this back in my Japan blog post - but meeting the Black Lips and becoming friends has really made 2010 amazing. These are by far the nicest, sweetest, most polite dudes I've ever met. They are also soo much fun to hang out with

Matt and Joe being creeps

Next morning breakfast at Tommy's - they eat gay people in Cleveland

Nothing is really booked for 2010 but I'm more than happy to travel around playing with friends and having adventures along the way this summer if that's what it comes down to.