Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I hate the Metro

There are many reasons why the Metro sucks - this map helps illustrate some basics.

The #1 reason it sucks is because it's steps away from Wrigley Field - on nights when the Cubs play and you have to see a show it's utter chaos and parking/public transportation is disastrous.
Also just being in Wriglyville in general means it's full of assholes and, I learned last night, also people who pay $60 to go to a show of bands they've never heard because it should be 'cool' and/or 'hip'.
But the thing that bums me out the most about the Metro is the staff. I bet some of them are really awesome people, but they have been trained to be the worst humans on earth. There are countless stories of people being treated horribly there (I have a bunch I won't even begin to unload on you) and last night was no different.

Chandeliers - totally awesome Chicago band opening up

Sleigh Bells - the reason Miles and I went to the show.
I thought they were fucking rad and wish I could take more than one photo before the staff (which somehow pushed all the way through the tightly packed crowd) threatened to kick me out and asked me to give them my camera. I said 'fuck no' and politely put it back in my purse and just enjoyed the rest of the show.
Which I thought was fucking awesome - I can't wait to see them again when they come through on a headlining tour. I would like not to be stuffed between Yeasayer fans and people who just enjoy going to the Metro and will just buy tickets because it's cool.

Man I'm pretty bitter about this. Weird.

After Sleigh Bells Miles and I took off .. I'm sure Yeasayer was perfectly non-offensive and well rehearsed. I headed over to the Burlington for SST NIGHT!!! Bobby and Matt's super fun dj night.

Then I headed to the Empty Bottle (obviously, I live there) to catch the last song of the Che Arthur 3 and hang out all night trying to make drunk boys kiss each other.
Another super fun Thursday night.
April you've totally ruled!!!!!

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