Saturday, April 3, 2010

let's hear it for New York

Last Sunday Bobby and I got in the van with 3 friends and headed East to play a show in New York with some awesome bands - it was a 5 day super adventure and majorly fun times

hour 1 of many many hours - start of a totally awesome road trip

few things are more romantic than Ryan, a roaring fire, balloons, and a good book

gangsters at Panera in Ohio

reading in the car makes me vomit- Matt and Ryan are lucky

mmmm Thai curry at Rice in Manhattan

Death By Audio in Brooklyn
Kinda like an exclusive tiger party. You're all "hey tigers can I party with you?" and they're all "YEAH RIGHT LOL"

Bobby and Brian

Polariod by Libby Walker

Drawlings - Abby was in a car accident in LA like the day before this show..totally stoked she was ok

Classic Drunk Matt

Chicago friends are now New York friends - hi Rob and Ben

City Center totally killing it - they're playing tonight in Chicago with Joan of Arc power trio, I can't wait!!

Soft Circle is awesome - Soft Circle with Ben is even better


real love

German Dance Party @ Lit!!!

Bobby DJing some things that the people there were not ready for at 230am

next morning - subway ride to Soho for breakfast

Cafe Gitane Si Vous Plait

mmmm Hibiscus Tea

on our way to a part of New York I've never been before
(I being Elisse, because I'm the only one who writes this shit and Bobby used to live in New York)

almost there

The Natural History Museum!!!

Natural and Historic

I live in the Ocean - you live in the Ocean cuz you ain't got no job!

I can't wait until Jurassic Park is a real thing

Sara and Sam @ Max Fish!!

El-P and Matt..I got a text at like 1am from matt saying El-P was @ the bar, I said "TAKE A PHOTO!" and he was waaaay ahead of me

so bummed I only lived through this night vicariously :(
All the photos at Max Fish are from Bobby and Matt's adventure
Libby and I chilled in the gigantic hotel bed watching Chelsea Lately and E! News and giggling

Poppy chillin' at the bar

Squishy dog and Squishy face

Carol, Kuo, and Bobby

next day in Cleveland @ This Way Out in the basement of the Beachland Ballroom

Oh hey look who's in Cleveland too

I don't think I expanded on this back in my Japan blog post - but meeting the Black Lips and becoming friends has really made 2010 amazing. These are by far the nicest, sweetest, most polite dudes I've ever met. They are also soo much fun to hang out with

Matt and Joe being creeps

Next morning breakfast at Tommy's - they eat gay people in Cleveland

Nothing is really booked for 2010 but I'm more than happy to travel around playing with friends and having adventures along the way this summer if that's what it comes down to.

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