Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brought to you by the letter B

Oh April - you are so AWESOME

On Friday night Bobby, Eric and I went up to the Metro to see Beach House!!!

As I was throwing out the 30 empty cans from the night before in the recycling, I saw this old mirror up against a building. Our alley is always full of cool shit.

Hanging out with the kids right up at the front
This was the best photo I took - I was not stoked on the lighting..especially cause Dan was in the dark

Beach House Dance Party!!

hanging out at the Gingerman after the show with friends
Bobby found someone who can drink beer as fast as him - yay

Holy shit!!!
If you live in Chicago and have ever tried to see a show at the Metro (especially if there's a cubs game) you understand how fucking epic this parking spot is.

I think I saw Beach House years ago at the Media Club in Vancouver and didn't even know who they were and they didn't hold my attention at all. After hearing Norway from Teen Dreams this year I was like 'holy shit Beach House rules' - then I heard Zebra and it was game over...I was in love.

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