Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Record Store Day!

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Record Store Day and was a huge success (according to me)

Love of Tuning - Reckless in the loop bright and early

kinda the best line up ever

The singer from Rise Against was signing autographs at the store all afternoon and before we left I totally scored a photo with him - 17 year old me was stoked
also regular me - this is photoshop face me

perfectly good dumpster sombreros

somebody (mainly Ashleigh) was not stoked to find out that these were found in an alley

friends festively enjoying Record Store Day at the Reckless on Broadway

Head of Sombreros!
just watching Noah drum makes me exhausted

Regress reunion at Reckless (5 points of alliteration)

Maximum Wage at Death or Glory
I love this band - and I also now enjoy this record store which has an adorable half address.
Who wouldn't want to go to 2557 1/2 W.Chicago Ave.

Bobby and John won some records

this kid won a horribly scratched copy of Ride the Lightning

Tyler Jon Tyler - kinda becoming my new favourite Chicago band

Final show of the day - Disappears at the Empty Bottle
for their release of LUX

every band is better with Jeanine

This felt like the longest day of my life - it was like SXSW all over again, what with the playing and running around town to see all your friends play too.
3 cups of coffee was just not enough to get me through it all - half way into Disappears I was enjoying it with my eyes closed..not because I was sooo into it, but because I physically couldn't keep them open any longer.

I can't wait for next Record Store Day!!

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