Sunday, April 4, 2010

Again and Again

It seems like I've been stalking the Black Lips - but I couldn't resist seeing them again in Chicago. I love hyperbole, but for real this was 100% the best show I've seen since at least 2008.

It's been forever since I've seen an entire crowd of people singing along to every song and losing their minds because they love the band. Plus the mosh pit was epic, it never tired.

I personally was in it, right up at the front, for the first 4 songs anyway. Unfortunately I was wearing inappropriate shoes and couldn't last much longer. But my favourite part of the night was when I was getting out some kid looked at me and said 'WOW I can't believe your glasses are still on" to which I replied, "I'm a veteran" - I felt old and awesome all at the same time.

by Andrea Bauer

"Musicians are the guys who sell you strings at Guitar Center. I'm an entertainer." - Ian Saint Pé

stolen off flickr

This photo of Pete totally makes me smile - After what was my favourite show of 2010 everyone went to Longhorn and Slim's (aka Longman and Eagle) drank until they blacked out, showed their penis to dudes in flannel pj's, and danced.
Then we went back to Regrets to meet up with friends, Bear Hands and weird strangers.
What a fucking night.
Wish I brought my camera.

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