Friday, May 29, 2009

Muelheim, Germany

Hamburg breakfast club! After a very long walk around Hamburg trying to find the band apartment we crashed pretty hard and then woke up at 10 for a wonderful breakfast - last chance to hang out with some fabulous friends also. I really love Hamburg :)

sunshine time

punk squat skatepark - respect the bowl

Bobby/Augie's wet dream - next time definitely bringing a board

Thanks Astra Stube

This is funny for so many reasons

McDonald's is craaaazy in Europe

another fabulous squat in Germany

Princess Leia

AND THEN I ATE THE BOWL!! but for real - this vegan chili rivals Ashleigh's Moms...I'd say it's better due to the addition of mushrooms


Underwater Basket Weaving, Methamphetamine Symposium

playing inside an old horse stable

one of the most poorly attended yet awesome shows..last song bobby kicked me off drums ran outside and played I Love All You Guys acoustic - totally magical

super fan buying some merch - fun times in Muelheim

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