Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barcelona, Spain

My camera battery died after taking a million photos in Girona but I think these capture the awesomeness that was the day.

Breakfast Club sans Doug

Albert drinking his 9th coffee of the day

the Cultural Centre that they let us play at

The drive from Girona to Barcelona was only an hour so we had plenty of time to hang out before we had to leave. Had the most amazing lunch of carrot soup and grilled chicken and it was topped off with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. fuck yes.

Bye Girona

Heliogabal's back patio with the most delicious dinner. A Vegan Catalonian Cassulet, some bread with tomatos smashed on it and random meat and cheese

Bobby and Hansen playing a song together - Bobby played a practical joke on everyone...including myself. He kept ordering shots of Vodka after songs and I was freaking out that he was gonna get waay drunk and puke on everyone. Turns out it was just shots of water. Tricky tricky.

JESSIE!!! Yay a Canadian to hang out with

View from the drums after playing Marry My Wife with Hansen. You can't tell from this photo but the place was packed! Totally wasn't expecting that

Prettiest girl in Barcelona

After the show hang outs - Not shown: late night street sweets. Fresh Churros!!!!

After dropping Jessie off Bobby thought it was a good idea to try to slide down her banister. Hilarious youtube clip to follow

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