Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8's of 2008

New Year's Resolution: make a blog. Not the most ambitious aspiration but I'm thinking 2009 will be awesome so I want to be able to remember it.
I have one hour until I need to start getting ready for tonight so this ambiguous list of things I can remember from the year past is a little rushed and would be a lot easier if I already had a blog. Never the less, in n
o particular order here it goes.

Top 8 of '08 Albums:

No Age - Nouns
Mea Shi - HLLYH

Wolf Parade - Mount Zoomer
Joan of Arc - Boo Human (maybe I'm a bit biased)
MGMT - Oracular Sp
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III*
Oxford Collapse -
Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemon You Paint That Shit Gold**

*I don't actually own this one but everything I've heard off of it was pure genius.
**Bobby just bought this for me last night after months of forgetting I wanted to own it, so I haven't actually listened to it in it's entirety.

sidenote: Why is Blitzen Trapper's Furr in everyone's Top lists?

Top 8 of '08

The Dark Knight
Forgetting Sar
ah Marshall
Rachel Getting Married
Let the Right One In
Iron Man
it's only 5 app
arently I didn't see that many good movies this year.

Top 10 of '08 Concerts: (in chronological order)
Fake Shark Real Zombie @ the Bitlmore
Narrator @ The Empty Bottle*
Monotonix @ The Mansion
No Age @ Pitchfork and AV-Aerie
Make Believe @ AV-Aerie
Ratatat @ Turner Theater
Sunset Rubdown @ The Empty Bottle**
Death Set/Double Daggers @ The Epiphany
Wolf Parade @ The Majestic
Against Me! @ The Riv
Mannequin Men-Tight Phantomz-Killer Whales @ anywhere/everywhere

*This was probably one of the best shows of my entire life
**An improvised "I'll Believe in Anything" solo by Spencer when a string broke was fucking magic.

I'm going to try to convince Bobby to amass some kind of list of things to post. We'll see.

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