Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dutchess and The Duke

Saturday proved to be a very very long day, I had to drive the Thermals, see as many bands as possible at Pitchfork, find time to eat, and then head to the Hideout to see Dutchess and the Duke play with Vacations

I clearly was not the only person excited to see Dutchess and the Duke play, the show was sold out before the doors were even open.
The real highlight was Vacations though :)

Chicago's indie darlings

She's the Dutchess and He's the Duke

Special guests Matt, Melissa and Jared really made Dutchess and the Duke sound awesome live. Also the strings section really killed it. I'm glad I missed them play at Pitchfork because I feel that the small, dark, intimate setting of the Hideout was perfect for this performance.

After the show Bobby stole me a copy of their LP and I've been listening to it on repeat - they're not experimental, they're not trying to improve on something that's already been done, they're just singing some songs and I fucking love it.

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