Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night was one of the few nights I was happy to be unemployed. An impromptu invite to see Wagner's Lohengrin and a girl with absolutely nothing to do is a perfect match.
It was my first time going to the opera and I was fucking stoked (I understand that using language such as 'fucking stoked' makes it seem like I am a moron and I'm ok with that).
I threw on a ton of make up, attempted to do my hair, put on a dress and was ready to pretend to fit in with rich people.

Here is my night in photos: what the photos don't show is my horror to learn that rich jerks are just as rude as poor ones. Especially during the first act - people around us, people in the really really good section, were on their phones, snoring away, and kicking the backs of chairs. Really people? Am I really classier than you?!
I felt like I was channeling the old rich lady from The Simpson's, "Well, I never!"

Closing thoughts: opera is fucking awesome.
From now on I am going to dramatically sing all of my conversations.

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  1. good to hear that people who go to the opera are not so different from us others :)