Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dick Juice

What a horribly disgusting title for a blog post.
However, Dick Juice was possibly the best part of the night.

Anyway, I was up in Minneapolis last weekend, Vivian Girls and Black Lips were also in Minneapolis - which means I have now seen the Black Lips 5 times and in 5 different cities. WEIRD!

The show was , dare I say, kinda boring. Black Lips are high up the list of best dudes to see live/hang out with, but the Minneapolis crowd (especially compared to the mayhem in Chicago the night before ) was overly reserved. Regardless, my favourite part of the night was after the show, sitting downstairs with Jared, Katie and Nathan talking about Dick Juice, E a B of Ds, and Pop a Show'.

Oh and there was a girl dressed like a bear who's friends with GZA?
That was kinda rad too.

Vivian Girls

Black Lips

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