Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dick Juice

What a horribly disgusting title for a blog post.
However, Dick Juice was possibly the best part of the night.

Anyway, I was up in Minneapolis last weekend, Vivian Girls and Black Lips were also in Minneapolis - which means I have now seen the Black Lips 5 times and in 5 different cities. WEIRD!

The show was , dare I say, kinda boring. Black Lips are high up the list of best dudes to see live/hang out with, but the Minneapolis crowd (especially compared to the mayhem in Chicago the night before ) was overly reserved. Regardless, my favourite part of the night was after the show, sitting downstairs with Jared, Katie and Nathan talking about Dick Juice, E a B of Ds, and Pop a Show'.

Oh and there was a girl dressed like a bear who's friends with GZA?
That was kinda rad too.

Vivian Girls

Black Lips

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maps & Atlases

I've mentioned before how much I love seeing Chicago bands in other cities - one major reason for that is, especially in less popular cities like Minneapolis, there's always room on the guestlist. Maps & Atlases are way too cool for me to see them in Chicago, so it was rather fortuitous that we both happened to be in Minnesota at the same time.

The show started at like 7pm - the sun was still fully up by the time the first band had finished playing. So weird. Also weird, seeing parents in attendance with their kids. It was a true all ages show. Finally, the weirdest of all, witnessing creepy dudes in their late 40s (or maybe late 30s - they could have aged terribly for all I know) hitting on 17 year olds. One in particular, standing in front of Nathan and I, was relentless.

Maps & Atlases totally ruled - and it was great seeing Shiraz outside of Facebook.

killing it

Mac & Cheese Pizza - Black Bean and Guacamole Pizza

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