Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's October 1st already and I haven't had one thing to post for an entire month?
That can't be true, I blame laziness. Here's a recap of all that was awesome in September.

(totally rad sunshine by me)

We had Sunshine - and that was awesome!
Infact a lot of days in September were way better than all of summer

(photo by me)

see - look at the fucking beach

(photo by Mahmood)

I also got to go to my first White Sox game!

(sexy photo by Derek Walker)

Vacations played a fucking awesome show - every time they play they get even better. So much fun!

(rad photo by me)

Got to see a lot of friends at the Beat Kitchen for Owen and even made 2 new ones. I manged to interrupt the show to get Mike to ask if Melody was in the crowd, but then I couldn't see her and like a bunch of people raised their hands, then I looked like a fool. Oh well, the show was great as always.

New Owen video with Bobby and I + my 2 new friends Dan and Lindsay :)

(great photo by John Sturdy)

A couple days later at the Empty Bottle was local sweethearts Old Fake opening for Wavves

(pretty good photo by John Sturdy)

Wavves - Nathan Williams with Zach Hill on drums
best description of the show goes to Jason Stoops,
'serious gap in skillz'

(awesome photo by John Sturdy)

Next night, a totally sold out free Monday at the bottle for Davila 666 and these kids Smith Westerns. They totally ruled, but I was exhausted and didn't stick around for Davila, sorry dudes, I missed you back in July too.

(stolen photo by Tommy Au)

Almost had to go to These Arms Are Snakes alone, but luckily found a friend who 'didn't hate them'
Not going to lie, I fucking LOVE seeing Steve's skinny, sweaty body jump onto a crowd of screaming 17 year olds.
(this photo was stolen off flickr and actually taken in Vancouver, I gotta start bringing my camera to shows again)

(photo by me)

ever heard of Death?
If not, get into it.

(iphone photo by Hannah Adams)

The last weekend of September was full of awesome shit I didn't get to do because I had to work. However, Bobby got to see Beach House/hang out with Beth, see The Oh Sees and went to see Danny do stand-up finally.

But on Monday something even more awesome happened:
Bobby and I got to play a show!!
It's been almost an entire year since we played together in Chicago and I must say that it was about 10,000,000,000 times better!!!

I'm going to make a serious effort to update more in October..and maybe even convince Bobby to post something as well.

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