Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Day EVER!

Stickin' in my Eye
Perfect Government
new song
The Brews
Seeing Double at The Triple rock
another new one...maybe. I forgot to keep track of the new ones
Fuck the Kids
The Man I Killed
Soul Doubt
Franco Un-American
Liza and Louise
..getting my hopes up about playing The Decline
Seperation of Church and Skate
kill all the white man

Encore of a Broadway musical style song about racism - for real

Ok, so maybe that's not really the set list, but those are the songs that I texted Ashleigh and after each one I wrote "I'm sorry I'll stop now" but then they'd play something else and I'd lose my mind and text her again.

Also, before this glorious moment Bobby and I went to Schuba's to see Japandroids who fucking killed it. Totally stoked that these guys are selling out shows :)

Then Bobby ditched me for the Metro to see Dead Milkmen, which was the best day of his life and I went to the Congress to see Nofx for the best day of my life!!

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