Sunday, January 23, 2011


Before I moved to Chicago I made a promise to myself that every winter I would get the fuck out of the city for a warm, tropical vacation. So here I am, Late January - the peak of awfulness in winter - freezing my ass off in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not exactly what I had in mind, in fact it's far colder here than in Chicago, but I'm loving it none the less.

On a bitterly cold Friday night I was forced to leave the warm radiator, I've been clinging to for a week now, to go to 7th Street Entry. Shockingly/Embarrassingly this was my first time here - I've been to First Ave before to see friends but up until now I haven't spent any significant time in Minneapolis. It was a pretty rad show, we missed the first few bands (Sorry we were late Nichole) but the highlight for me was really Gay Beast - they're going to be in Europe at the end of January till mid February and I totally recommend, to the maybe 3 European people who read this blog, to go see them. Shows are on their myspace.

I especially enjoyed that a mosh pit broke out.
We creeped over to First Ave for a second just because we could and accidentally saw Brother Ali preform, which sparked an ever so important conversation about rap music. The conclusion of which was discussed over pizza.

Gigantic pizza.
Conclusion: Aesop Rock is great.

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