Sunday, January 2, 2011

everything I love about music


Yesterday was 010111 ok! - Anyway, last night my favourite Chicago super group Hot Machines played at the Empty Bottle with my favourite rabbit inspired punk band NO BUNNY. It was the perfect way to kick off 2011 and I'm so glad I went.

Hot Machines
So jealous of Alex White for many reasons - one she fucking commands a stage like no other, two she totally shreds and three has the raddest voice. Obviously, I am also totally jealous of her hair.



If I could make a checklist of everything I want out of a great punk show it would be like this:
clothes coming off
little bit of blood or vomit, I'm not picky
beer everywhere
a moshpit or at the very least some kind of dancing
great short songs

Thanks NO BUNNY - I think I can check all of those off my list!

My biggest regret of last night was not buying an album from the merch table - Oh the woes of being poor. I'm saving up my pennies and buying it from Reckless in the future. It doesn't have the same appeal to me as buying it straight from the source but still worth not just stealing from the internet for sure.

It's rare that people who attend the Empty Bottle are stoked for a show or will show their excitement in any physical manifestation - but last night the whole floor was bouncing and most everyone was dancing. I loved every second of it.
Thanks Kristin for always being my dance partner :)

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