Friday, March 11, 2011

totally weird night

Last night started out perfectly comfortable - reminiscent of last spring for sure. But then around midnight (maybe closer to 1) shit got weird. I was over at my friends' house, my responsible adult friends who own their home and can afford cable, and we turned on the tv to discover shocking footage of Japan moments after it was devastated by a record breaking earthquake.

I immediately got on facebook to see if everyone I knew in Tokyo was ok and it seemed that the city wasn't affected too much. However, the non-stop coverage of MSNBC showed live (or near live) helicopter footage of the tsunami wave plowing over Sendai. We watched in absolute horror as unsuspecting cars drove towards the rushing water and others scrambled to out run it. It was brutal.

The fun of an all ages Marnie Stern show and the fashionable people watching of goth Brits Esben and the Witch seem so trivial now; however, at the time, it was really awesome. So here are some photos of my night.

Esben and the Witch at the Empty Bottle

Marnie Stern fucking slaying while still being totally adorbale
at Subterranean

an unexpected turn for then night: watching one teenager put Marnie Stern's guitar pick in the butt of another teenager
Their faces are priceless

vain attempts to crowd surf during the last song - love that all ages spirit!

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