Friday, September 30, 2011


Yesterday when I was jogging home from my huge 2-lap run around Palmer Square I RAN into my friend Jacob from California. Turns out he's the drummer for Wavves these days - clearly I have not been facebook stalking Jacob enough. 
Anyway, I couldn't pass up a chance to see him play, so even though I had very important plans of sitting in sweatpants watching Breaking Bad on Netflix all night, I went to the show.

I want to hate Wavves: It's moronic (Nathan's favourite word), that kid acts like a little bitch, and he looks like an ex-boyfriend of mine circa 2001. Yet, it was a great show and it was super fun. Damn!

Falkor put it best this morning as we reflected on our fun had at the show, "Wavves is this generations Blink 182." It's true. It's totally true.

best photo I could take of Jacob with my iPhone

This video rules - One day I hope fans make awesome Home Improvement videos of Summer Girlfriends' songs.

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