Sunday, November 6, 2011

Staying Classy

This past weekend I was in Minneapolis visiting my boyfriend, but this time there was more on the itinerary than watching The Simpsons and eating at Seward Cafe. 

For months I had my calendar marked - November 4th Sibelius.
Before meeting Nathan I had never heard of Finnish super genius/total romantic/alcoholic composer Jean Sibelius.
Also before meeting him I used to pluralize "anyway" every time I said it.
I'm a better person in so many ways for meeting this man.

such a babe

my second favourite pose


seriously amazing seats
turns out I like harps and am not a huge fan of xylophones

I can't pretend to understand this music anymore than I can pretend I know anything about rap, so I'll spare the half ass attempt to describe what it was like or what was good or bad about it. It was just beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

So far in 2011 I have gone to the opera for free and seen the a Symphony Orchestra for $15. There are barely 2 months left in the year - can I squeeze in a ballet to round it all out?
If anyway can score me seats to the Joffrey let me know!

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