Friday, November 20, 2009

summer somewhere else

With the exception of the 40 degree weather, yesterday felt a lot like summer. In one night Bobby and I managed to successfully see 3 totally amazing shows.

First stop: The House of Blues to see our friend P.O.S from Minneapolis.
I actually can't remember the last time I saw Stef preform, no wait that's a lie last year he came to Chicago with his hardcore band Building Better Bombs, who fucking rule. But last night was a major reminder how fucking awesome he is on his own.

Proof - this music video is the BEST music video (well, after the Mannequin Men Video) and it's also a fucking amazing song.

After that we took the train back to our neighbourhood to see Mannequin Men's alter ego Thee Hardy Mums at a free show in a tiny/kinda fancy bar. They totally get better every time they play so rad.

Somehow timing worked out perfectly and we ran around the corner to catch almost all of A.V Murder's set. They are quickly becoming my favourite thing to see in Chicago. They put on a total balls out show, which unfortunately resulted in Jim smashing his face on a mic and possibly ruining his face. Hope your teeth stay in buddy :)

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