Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's not my ideal way to see No Age fact it's probably the exact opposite of how I want to see them. However, I'm not complaining that I got to see Dean and Randy again AND that they got to open for the Pixies!!!!!

The Aragon

No Age is so tiny on this huge stage

3 of the best dudes ever!


the whole VIP section was friends

Pixies Rule!

me in the backstage stealing beers and being vain

True Story: Bobby reaches into a sink to grab a bowl full of mystery white with a giant spoon in it and starts eating it!
Luckily it was just hand whipped whipcream - yum!

This was such a fun night! No Age is totally my favourite band and even though the sound wasn't the best it didn't really matter it was still totally awesome.
Seeing the Pixies was kinda epic. They played some b-sides then ran through all of Doolittle which is Bobby's favourite album. The whole place was full of people singing every word to every song. I rarely get to experience that.
Fucking Amazing.

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