Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Top Metal Sabbath of the Year
[Me·tal (ˈmɛtəl) the genre of music Sab·bath (sæbəth) day of rest and worship]

Traditional way to celebrate - go to Kuma's!!

Eating High on Fire while listening to Pantera

then Opera Box seats for GWAR!

Oderus and Obama pre-decapitation

me in the moshpit trying to take a photo with a ziplock bag over my camera

those who stayed safe

covered in blood and alien jizz - love it

After the show I took Andy home and then on the way to return Ashleigh to her house we stopped by the store to buy some Komboocha. That's when I saw my face in fluorescent lights and realized that the fake blood/green shit had dyed my skin!! I looked seriously diseased.

All in all I really need to go to more metal shows.

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