Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Week of December

All of December has been amaizng - but the first week was totally epic.

Love of Everything - recording at a real studio!

look how much fun we're having

Then we got to play at the Empty Bottle with my favourite band of 2009
The Dutchess and The Duke
This show was exactly 10 years and a day to Bobby's first Love of Everything show!

last song of the night featured me playing tennis balls - mind blowing

Also, I did a photoshoot for Time Out Chicago - I got to eat all this food!!!

Hand Model

The recording went so well! It was major fun working with Neil and we had some awesome friends come in and help out with some songs. We also managed to record and mix 11 songs in 2 and a half days!! So efficient :)

I'll post some more stuff about the new album very very soon.

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