Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's not my ideal way to see No Age fact it's probably the exact opposite of how I want to see them. However, I'm not complaining that I got to see Dean and Randy again AND that they got to open for the Pixies!!!!!

The Aragon

No Age is so tiny on this huge stage

3 of the best dudes ever!


the whole VIP section was friends

Pixies Rule!

me in the backstage stealing beers and being vain

True Story: Bobby reaches into a sink to grab a bowl full of mystery white with a giant spoon in it and starts eating it!
Luckily it was just hand whipped whipcream - yum!

This was such a fun night! No Age is totally my favourite band and even though the sound wasn't the best it didn't really matter it was still totally awesome.
Seeing the Pixies was kinda epic. They played some b-sides then ran through all of Doolittle which is Bobby's favourite album. The whole place was full of people singing every word to every song. I rarely get to experience that.
Fucking Amazing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

summer somewhere else

With the exception of the 40 degree weather, yesterday felt a lot like summer. In one night Bobby and I managed to successfully see 3 totally amazing shows.

First stop: The House of Blues to see our friend P.O.S from Minneapolis.
I actually can't remember the last time I saw Stef preform, no wait that's a lie last year he came to Chicago with his hardcore band Building Better Bombs, who fucking rule. But last night was a major reminder how fucking awesome he is on his own.

Proof - this music video is the BEST music video (well, after the Mannequin Men Video) and it's also a fucking amazing song.

After that we took the train back to our neighbourhood to see Mannequin Men's alter ego Thee Hardy Mums at a free show in a tiny/kinda fancy bar. They totally get better every time they play so rad.

Somehow timing worked out perfectly and we ran around the corner to catch almost all of A.V Murder's set. They are quickly becoming my favourite thing to see in Chicago. They put on a total balls out show, which unfortunately resulted in Jim smashing his face on a mic and possibly ruining his face. Hope your teeth stay in buddy :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

some were boys...

The band Girls from San Fran managed to sell out the Empty Bottle 2 nights in a row.
I think this is the reason why

For real - this was the best song they played and probably the reason that 90% of the crowd had ever heard of this band. I'm rarely negative about anything, but maybe I was just so stoked for this show that I was expecting something much more awesome.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Binary Marketing Show

Accidentally saw this band. last night at the Bottle. Kinda blew my mind. Get into it.

have you seen how awesome this is?

Not only is it a total kickass song, it's a rad music video too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Halloween is by far the best day of the year (well I guess our wedding anniversary is now a close second) but it was extra special this year because Ponys got together to play their first show together in 2 years!!

The Ponys hold an extra special place in my heart because I met Bobby at their show in Vancouver in 2007. Also they are 4 of the nicest people I could ask to be friends with :)

Beth and Sean always kill it on Halloween - perfect Gatekeeper and Key Master

Laura and Kevin looked totally awesome

The costume that made me laugh the hardest goes to Joanna as Matt Williams

The return of SPARKLE DOG and his new friend Scooby Doo

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen looked fucking perfect

This costume is more of an inside joke - All the male staff of the Empty Bottle dressed up as Bob Johnson, the best door guy ever, and this is a specific "drunk bob on halloween" costume

My favorite costume of the night - TEENWOLF!

And my flawless Lady Gaga costume - if only people knew who I was supposed to be....

Even The Ponys dressed up - all as classic wrestlers, Jered was a rad Ultimate Warrior and I have no idea who Melissa was supposed to be but she was totally hot in a zebra bodysuit.

The show was epic, the band was fucking amazing, and the whole place was full of friends in killer costumes. There was a high percentage of home made and creative costumes which might be the best part of this whole recession. I only wish there were more holidays that involved candy and dressing up.