Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tour Day 2

Turns out Omaha is pretty rad

Ryan, Shauna and the sweetest dog

vegan breakfast of champions
woulda been better if they had cream for my coffee - I don't want to put soymilk in it.

took a field trip to the local half-abandoned mall

Only thing Eric learned in Nebraska - Ted's dad is a total dick

perfect fucking day

ok so I have to find this in Chicago - it's like a personal serving of a frozen lime margarita and it only costs $2.50 AND it tasted fucking awesome!!!

we're actually being attacked by beetle larva


I fucking love badminton - I also love pronouncing it correctly

Team Love of Everything vs Team Muffin Top & Fox

everyone needs an entomologist at their party

awesome backyard hang @ Dan's - thanks so much Omaha!!! I totally didn't want to leave.

Skate Park Tour - Omaha

couple hours later we were in Lawrence, Kansas. Home to weirdo hippie art cars
This was the hood of one of them - there were tons. They even had a parade of them.

Jamie's work!
Combining things I love - like small coffee shops and cute bars

8th coffee of the day

Brian totally showed up!!!
Such a rad surprise

hand made shirts only $5
deal of the century

not listed - Dactyls but all in all a really fucking amazing line up

it was no less than 1 000 000 degrees inside
luckily you could drink outside

Jabber Josh is my new favourite band

the last cat is totally the best

Will and Sam - brothers trying to look like twins!
Seriously 2 of the nicest dudes ever

Nick from Dactyls and me playing coy - I looooooved his mustache

Jamie and Bobby about 30 beers deep

Bandit Teeth - holy shit they ruled
if you ever get a chance to see them it will blow your mind
Brad had a really busy night working the bar and fully melting minds



Lawrence was such a fun time - made new friends, Bobby got to hang out with old ones. We fucked up every single song and saw some really awesome bands/mustaches.


  1. "Only thing Eric learned in Nebraska - Ted's dad is a total dick"

    you met my dad?

  2. ha! That's weird. Different Ted.